Frequently Asked Questions

What is "carbon neutral cremation"?

A carbon neutral cremation, or Cool Cremation℠ , is a cremation that has been offset for which the energy emissions have been neutralized by a carbon offset.

Why is it called a "Cool Cremation"?

We want people to understand the environmental impact and ramifications of the cremation process. By branding carbon neutral cremations as the Cool Cremation℠ , we emphasize the importance of reducing green house gas emissions and we make memorable our mission of "helping the planet keep its cool".

Why does a cremation need to be“offset”?

The cremation process uses fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide emissions are known to be a primary cause of global warming and climate change.

What is a carbon offset?

A carbon offset is a measured, certified and monetized carbon reduction or sequestration activity that mitigates or “offsets” the damage done to the environment as a result of company or individual polluting practices.

What is carbon dioxide or CO2?

Carbon dioxide is a gas, typically referred to as “greenhouse gas” that is created when fossil fuels, such as natural gas, coal, or oil are burned. Carbon dioxide is known to be a primary cause of global warming and climate change.

How do I buy a carbon neutral cremation?

Do business with a local funeral home that, through membership in the "Cool Cremation Program", has chosen to reduce its carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets for every cremation it performs. Participating funeral establishments in your area are listed on the Funeral Homes & Crematoriums page of this website. Contact us if your preferred funeral establishment is not listed.

How do I benefit from a carbon neutral cremation?

A carbon neutral cremation allows you to know that, even in death, you have created an environmental legacy by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions created by your cremation or that of a loved one.