Ensure your cremation is a "Cool Cremation"

You play an important role in fighting global warming when you purchase a carbon neutral cremation where emissions are offset through "carbon offsets".

  • The first step in protecting the environment is understanding that your "carbon footprint" - how your day-to-day activities such as driving, reading this website or adjusting the thermostat - contributes to global warming.
  • The next step is conservation - implementing actions to reduce your carbon footprint.


Even after conservation steps are completed, most people still have a remaining carbon footprint. One way to mitigate your impact is through carbon offsets.


Carbon offsets help mitigate your personal contribution to global warming by funding greenhouse gas reduction projects. In general, a carbon offset is a certificate representing the reduction of one metric ton (2,205 lbs) of carbon dioxide emissions, the principal cause of global warming.


There are many different types of carbon reduction projects. Every ton of carbon dioxide emissions reduced by a project results in one carbon offset. Project developers sell these offsets to finance their projects. By funding these reduction projects, you balance out, or offset, your own impact on the environment.


Our programs assure that your cremation emissions are offset with "carbon offsets". These offsets support energy efficiency, renewable energy, reforestation or carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration projects. Our portfolio is comprised of projects certified by and validated through well recognized third-party registry and standards organizations in the carbon offsets market. Join us by taking responsibility - conservation first, offset second - and help the planet keep its cool!