Providing Environmentally Friendly Services

Carbon Neutral Cremations and the Cool Cremation Program are created by GreenGraves, LLC. GreenGraves is an environmental marketing firm that is dedicated to helping the death-care industry respond to the growing demand for practices, products and services that protect the environment. GreenGraves helps funeral directors, crematory operators and cemetery owners provide environmentally astute products and services that provide an opportunity to leave an environmental legacy.


Cremation is perceived by many people to be environmentally friendly. The thinking is that because their bodies will not be taking up a great deal of space in a cemetery, it is better for the environment because they are saving space in the cemetery. However, now that green cemeteries are emerging around the country, it is more environmentally sound to allow one’s un-embalmed body to return to the earth naturally in a grave rather than have it cremated.


Natural or “green” burial has proven to have far less impact on the environment than cremation. But the convenience and cost of cremation will undoubtedly continue to be very attractive method of disposition. We want families and individuals who choose cremation to be able to limit the impact their “death-style” has on the health of the planet.


This is why Green Graves created the Cool Cremation Program, a program that allows participating crematories and funeral homes to fight global warming by purchasing “carbon offsets” that offset carbon emissions created by the burning of fossil fuels. When these businesses purchase carbon offsets they support environmental businesses that promote renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects. Please support our programs by making an end-of-life decision that includes a carbon neutral cremation.